Frequently Asked Questions

What is GigAdvisor?

GigAdvisor is mobile-based application designed for the purpose of booking artists and bands for private events, concerts and shows.

Using GigAdvisor, the promoter may add his own event to our database, getting the chance for the other promoter to join his current tour, meaning saving money on tour expenses by splitting the costs and getting even better revenue!

Using our GigAdvisor application, artists will benefit in finding more options for the future gigs, as the app makes the promoters aware of the upcoming shows of the each artist!

How GigAdvisor works?

Gig Advisor helps you reduce performance cost by up to 50%.


When you book band or artist via regular booking agent, you have to pay not only performance fee, but also all extra costs, such as logistics, entry visas, hospitality and technical rider expenses, etc.

Using the location filter, you can see bands and artists, that are currently on tour in your area, meaning, you may join the current tour in your area and split al the related costs with other individuals, responsible for the tour.

How much can I save?

Depending upon each situation, you may save up to 50% of the total costs of the tour.

For example: if you would like to inquire for the artist, who has been scheduled already in your area for 1 concert and you would like to have a second gig on your own with the very same artist, you split 50% of all the costs, such as flight tickets, visas and etc.

If there will be even more promoters involved, all the expenses are divided between promoters equally.

Can I add my own gigs?

Absolutely yes!

Every promoter may add his own event to our database, which by all means is worth doing that: first of all, you will make your target audience even more aware about your event, and secondly – you will make the other promoters aware of your event and they may possible join your current tour, means once again – saving your money on related costs!

Is there desktop version?

There are only Android and iOS versions available at the moment.

There are plans to add Web platform in future.